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could trigger another recession. others say the deadline is not as firm. congress could pass a temporary measure early that would roll back any changes. political analysts warn some consequences may be immediate. >> maybe a tremendous response and that would alarm everybody. >> stock prices dropped friday after a republican-led plan collapsed. nearly half of americans are doubtful the two sides can settle their differences. >> when the uncertain. tax rates will go up on 30 million households at least. that is something the politicians are going to respond to. >> house republican leaders called on the senate to pass to bills they said would avoid the fiscal cliff. republicans said the lines of communication are still open but the house will not act until the democratically controlled senate does. >> at the maryland due in baltimore, the african lions were not in their native habitat because it was snowing. the weather was so bad that these do closed -- the zoo closed for the day. the snow did not bother the residents of this lion park pret. >> they are tougher than the ones in maryland. w
that is operating secret otherwise. >> when congress passes a law, something massive as the 2 2,409 page affordable care tract is the beginning. they are given authority to issue regulation to spell out how the law will be enforced but not before giving the public a chance to weigh in. in 1993, president clinton called executive order to call on agencies to provide minimum of 60 days for public input. three new proposed regulation for obamacare assigned 30 days and will get 24. with the comment period set to end in the week between christmas and new year's. one of the regulation runs more than 400 pages. regulatory experts say it creates nearly impossible task. fully vetting the proposal and submitting in-depth comment by the deadline. >> very few people are aware that the regulatory process allows for public to comment. because of that, a lot of the agencies work in secret. >> americans for limited government sent letters to the administration asking why it's flagrantly ignoring the appropriate comment period. expressing concern about the large number of new regulatory actions that are being under
is immigration. congress passed the jobs act replaces green card lottery to permanent visas to those with doctorates in science, technology, engineering and math. two outgoing republican senators introducing legislation granting residence to those bought in the country illegally. though call it the achieve act, similar to the d.r.e.a.m. act. i spoke to one. bill's cosponsors, senator kay bailey hutchison. welcome to you here. how is your legislation different than the d.r.e.a.m. act? >> our legislation gives legal status to the young people in conundrum. they have grown up here. this is the country they know yet they are illegal because their parents brought them here before they were 14 years old. but we don't go into a citizenship track. we allow them to get in line behind the people who have been lawful and waited in line. so we don't give them a preference in line but we do give them a legal status and we don't prohibit them from getting in line if they choose to go the citizenship route. gerri: senator, what do you have to have to be able to be part of the program as you're defi
as shoppers to be taking a detour around the dairy aisle. that's because prices could double if congress does not pass the farm bill. >> was based on the 1949 production processes of milk production. >> if lawmakers do not come to an agreement, washington will be forced to pay farmers based on outdated calculations. ilkabout $8 per gallon for mel sometime after january 1. >> we get milk. i have a son and he likes it. i will start getting only soy milk. >> those customers could spell trouble for the dairy industry. >> dairy farmers will see an increase in their income but it could force individuals to find substitutes for milk. >> cheese is big in my house. >> i would still continue to buy them. >> we do not need one more thing going up in price. >> sarah sampson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> $3.65 a gallon is the national average price for a gallon of milk. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. would you continue to buy milk no matter how high is the price goes, would you consider all turner products like soy milk? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or s
be taking a detour around the dairy aisle. that's because prices could double if congress does not pass the farm bill by the end of the year. it includes a dairy subsidy that sets the price farmers are guaranteed to get for wholesale milk. >> the old price subsidy was based on 1949 production processes of milk production. >> according to towson university economic experts, if lawmakers cannot, with an agreement washington will be forced to pay farmers based on very dated calculations. >> it will go into $38 per 108th, which would be about $8 per gallon sometime after -- refers. >> as lawmakers grapple with the fiscal cliff, the repercussions of the so-called dairy cliff has some souring when it comes to buying milk. samantha, who already splintered card with the dairy milk and soy milk third >> would get milk still because i have a son and he likes it, but i am not going to continue buying it because of going up. i will start getting only soy milk. >> it could be those customers to gravitate toward alternatives that could spell trouble for the dairy industry. been a challenge for the ma
. prices could double if congress does not pass the farm bill by the end of the year. >> the old subsidy was based on the 1949 production process of milk production. >> according to a university expert, if lawmakers do not come to an agreement, washington will be forced to pay farmers based on very dated calculations. >> it would translate to about $8 per gallon some time after january 1. >> as lawmakers aha new york russell with the fiscal of, some shoppers are already suffering on milk. >> we have a son, and he likes it. i am not going to continue buying it. >> customers who could start gravitating toward moment milk could pose -- toward almond and soy milk could cause problems for the dairy industry. >> people might find subsidies to milk. >> it affects other items, like cheese and ice cream. >> it is big in my house. but we would have to cut back. >> if there is one thing everyone can agree on -- we do not need one thing going up in price. >> right now, the national average price is about $3.55 a gallon. we would start seeing prices increased up a little bit, right after the first. w
as tomorrow to head back to grshington d.c. to put pressure on congress to pass that democratic plan. jim? >> any indications, nancy, where thewhether the republicans are willing to play ball with senator reid in this proposal? t well, they say they're withholding judgment until they see the legislation, but in the past, a handful of senate republicans have said that they would be okay with letting the bush tax breaks lapse for people making over $250,000 a year if that was their only option. the real question is whether house speaker john boehner would allow a vote on this plan on the house floor, knowing that so many house republicans oppose o. jim. t nancy cordes with the president in hawaii. thank you. farmers will also feel the impact if lawmakers fail to reach a deal on the fiscal cliff. bimultibillion-dollar aid bill may be a casualty of the casuemate. the ripple effects would be felt far from the fields. we asked anna warner to look into that. >> reporter: eagle lake, texas, depends on rice. it's been grown here since the 1800s. drought is usually the biggest threat, but the nervo
passed by congress that a lower court had held unconstitutional. so i think it's most likely that we will have that issue before the court, toward the end of the current term. and then the person who asked the question will -- [inaudible] have the answer. >> another question comes from the auditorium. the lilly ledbetter case, one where you wrote a very emotionally charged dissent, that you, as i recall, read from the branch a game binge -- read from the bench, which is a rare act. and you reflect on that and also how it felt to have literally your request in the dissent, that it's up to congress, answered in the ledbetter act passed. and i believe the first law that president obama signed. >> i should perhaps process might answer by saying when anything is ready to be reviewed, the author of the majority opinion will summarize the decision from the bench. not read every word of the often long opinion. and then will note at the end justice so-and-so has filed a dissenting carry. so they're not ordinary from the bench unless you feel that the court not only got it wrong, but meaningfu
as $7 a gallon if congress fails to pass a new form bill. gas is cheaper. the governor -- former would have to follow legislation dating back to the truman presidency which would force washington to buy milk at inflated prices. it would be based on what a cost to produce milk in 1949 when it was basically done by hand. speaking of the fiscal cliff, starbucks is making a political push. the ceo wants d.c. area stores to read the words come together serve thursday and friday. he wrote president be bystanders, you and your customers have an opportunity and i believe we all have a responsibility to spend our -- send our elected officials a respectful but potent measurmes. the writing exercise will be carried out employees at 120 starbucks around d.c. president obama and congressional leaders will go back to work thursday. if they do not reach a deal by next week, tax hikes and automatic government spending cuts take effect. >> shoppers descended to grab christmas sales. they rushed into shops when the doors opened. some stores cut prices up to 75%. the day after christmas is very important
congress should pass the $250,000 and below deal because that's what's going to happen afterwards. do you think that should happen? >> i do not. i think $250,000 is too low a threshold. a lot of working people who are couples would exceed that. however, i talked to some of my democratic colleagues and they are saying maybe in the $400,000 or $500,000 category we could set a benchmark. i do think it is essential that we start talking about what amount can be passed on a bipartisan basis, because, you know, i'm one who believes you shouldn't tax anyone right now. i would have supported plan b. i think that we've got to come to some terms with the impact that this is going to have and remember the other parts of this, making the child tax credit permanent, the marriage penalty relief permanent. these are things that go with any kind of a threshold that we hopefully could agree on. >> but you wouldn't take, for example, the only deal that was out there was the $250,000 or below, you would vote no? >> well, luke, i'm not going to make a commitment, because, you know, i don't know what else wou
if the president's scaled back bill can pass congress at the 11th hour. >> there is absolutely no reason, none, not to protect these americans from a tax hike. at the very least, let's agree right now on what we already agree on. let's get that done. >> reporter: but to get that done, democrats first would likely need nearly ten senate republicans to cross party lines and vote to effectively increase taxes on the top 2% of americans. some conservatives be grudgingly now say they're willing to do that. >> if we get done to twn to thed that's the only choice, i would support that. but i wish we would have a comprehensive bill that dealt with spending you can entitlements and taxes and you would together. >> reporter: the senate returns to work thursday, but democratic sources say their best realistic chance of getting gop votes is when the pressure will really be on, at or close to december 31st. the last day before everyone's taxes go up. but cnn is told that senate democratic leader harry reid is privately warning colleagues if he's not sure the president's scaled back bill will pass both hous
that congress has passed. no one is allowed in there during the discussions except the justices. so although i had been litigating before the supreme court for 20 years, i had no idea what went on there. and you can imagine how i felt going in there for the first time. i was, they had been together for 11 years with no new justices. i was the youngest in the room. certainly the least judicial experience, i'd only been on the court two years, and i was coming in as the chief justice. i mean, i really only had a vague idea what i was supposed to do in leading and initiating the discussion. but right away i was impressed at the level at which people were talking about the issues, talking about the cases. there's some disagreement about what a case said, you get up and pull the book, and you look at it. it's not speeches, it's not any type of intellectual bullying, a very serious discussion about often very serious issues as to which people have very strong views. but as someone said, there's never been a voice raised in anger in that room. and that is true to this day, and that's one thing that i
an exemption amount which requires congress to pass a legislation each year to extend it. the exemption is not permanent in our tax code, and right now, it expired going back to january 1st, 2012 so we don't have it right now. >> do you think they could let it go? it's close. in prior years, we had the patch earlier on. >> absolutely, and the irs planned op the patch, and the computers are program the that way. if we don't get it, it not only impacts those who have to pay the amt, but delays refunds because the irs computers have to be reprogrammed. we slotly need the patch and quickly. >> at the same time, though, as dire as it has, they could pass the patch, and say january 15th, make it retroactive and we're fine. just delays the process. >> that's right. until the irs and people know whether that patch is there, you can't file a return and get a refund or do anything. >> talk about the fiscal cliff. what happens to my paycheck? we know the social security -- our social security is going up on the payroll taxes, but what else happens? just my w-4? >> depends on your personal situatio
, or they could just turn off the trigger all together. the sequester exists because of a law passed by congress, another law passed by congress could change it. >> good to see you, john. thanks for the update. >> mastercard spending pulse saying it's the lowest level of 2008. high end is one of the areas getting hit hard. tom is managing director at the tellsee advisory group. good to have you with us. explain what the geography is. already sales in the mid-atlantic and northeast were weak. and then luxury is strongest in the new york area. some estimates say that's about 20% of that category sales in the new york area. what do you account for the weakness, particularly in new york? is it cliff fears at this point? >> melissa, i definitely do think that the cliff fears are impacting the consumer. i think we found the luxury consumer historically it's highly correlated to personal wealth in terms of the stock market, in terms of value of your home. clearly i think people are wor worried about higher taxes across the board. >> do you think it's higher taxes or prospect of lower bonuses? >> i thin
republican support for any bill that might pass congress to avert the fiscal cliff. >> brianna keilar reporting live from hawaii this morning. >>> checking our top stories before heading back to d.c. to try to head off the physical -- the fiscal cliff. you know what i'm saying. the president and first lady michelle obama visited marines and thanked them for their service. >> the greatest honor i have as president is being commander in chief and the reason it's an honor is because not only do we have the finest military in the world but we also have the finest fighting men and women in the world. >> mrs. obama and the girls won't cut short their vacation. they're staying on in hawaii. >>> former braves great andruw jones free on a bond in atlanta on a battery charge. there was a domestic dispute between he and his wife. the center fielder played with the new york yankees last year and recently signed with a team in japan. >>> the city of los angeles is holding its annual gun buyback today, several months ahead of schedule. the buyback program allows anyone to bring in guns and rifles i
with the fiscal cliff. i'm looking now to congress and say, pass the amt patch today. >> gretchen: all right. we'll see if they're listening to marty, a cpa who is a little nutsoutrig to get everything done before year's end. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: georgetown cup cakes secret ingredient this new year, champagne? we're showing you how it make the party even sweeter with sophie. yep, she's just one part of the team with our others and she's here hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> gretchen: welcome back. wicked weather like this wreaking havoc on airports across the country. what can travelers expect? wfxt's katherine is live at logan international airport with the latest op the travel nightmare out of boston. good morning. >> good morning, gretchen. the sun is shining on us here in boston. but flights already beginning to be affected by the storm. flights going to dallas, columbus and
piece of civil rights legislation ever passed by congress. >> thank you. much for your testimony and for your hard work in litigating what i know is complex and difficult cases. inclosing if i might mr. chairman i would say i am too and passionate about showing the voting rights act remains alive and relevant. and that the ugly history that led to the voting rights act in the pre-clearance requirements there's evidence and you cite the texas case to suggest these are still valid concerns and they require strong federal legislative action to ensure access to the polls that a safe and fair and open electoral system remains a part or is a part, becomes a part of america's electoral future because our history suggests that in the absence of the determination and rigor. thanks for your testimony. >> what we ask representative cobb-hunter the following question and ii do know the answer but i want to hear your response. what is the big deal? if i am a writer on an airplane i have to show an ied and if i want to rent a car i have to show and all ied and sometimes to go to a presidential
. they have to try to craft something together that will pass both the house and the senate. so, the burden is now on them to try to strike some sort of a deal. that's because on friday before congress left for christmas, the house was unable to get any sort of a deal passed through. >> and, reena, give us a play-by-play. what can we expect this week? where will the white house be focusing their efforts? >> reporter: right. as i mentioned, capitol hill, now, taking the emphasis over at the senate side. the other concern that the white house does have is to make sure that they come to their different party lines. the democrats want to see, obviously, the middle class not faced with any sort of tax hike, which there are $500 billion worth of tax hikes expected on january 1st. republicans are saying that spending cuts. they want to see more of that. and democrats do not want to go off of their focus on where they are right now, to get to that point. that's really a big divide that both the white house and capitol hill is facing right now. >> let's look at everyone left for christmas break. thi
congress they put a bill on the floor for 250 and below to pass that to save face. what would that do to the economy? we don't know. the result from that could purr action. >> we spent a lot of time about the tax rates. we haven't talked about the payroll tax. they go up. any idea whether this temporary deal would address those matters as well or is it going to focus on the tax rates and the spending cuts? >> one thing is an extension of unemployment insurance and millions of americans collect unemployment insurance. democrats see it as dimilative for the economy. they buy groceries and gas and they are not saving it. it helps growth. democrats would like to see that in exchange. republicans would want snag is say sweeter deal than coming forward in the new year. as far as the payroll tax cut, what it does to social security on both sides, could it be part of it? perhaps. unemployment is the thing that president obama would most likely see attached to any deal. >> luke russert on this wednesday. >> take care. good to see you. >> new reaction to the fact that chuck hegel will be nomina
paying no taxes at all through deductions. congress has failed to pass an a adjustment to keep the amt from roping in lower taxpayers. irs was expecting that to happen. if congress fails to do so, revenue officials will start a lengthy and costly process of reprogramming computers. it could be march until effective taxpayers can file. >>> an interactive map is causing outrage in one community. what do all these little red dots mean? what do they locate? and why is a new newspaper under fire? we'll explain. year-end event. so, the 5.3-liter v8 silverado can tow up to 9,600 pounds? 315 horsepower. what's that in reindeer-power? [ laughs ] [ pencil scratches ] [ male announcer ] chevy's giving more. get the best offer of the year -- 0% apr financing for 60 months plus $1,000 holiday bonus cash. plus trade up for an additional $1,000 trade-in allowance. hurry. bonus cash ends january 2nd. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieve
as the president has made concessions, boehner cannot show leadership to get anything passed through his congress right now. and, quite frankly, they're being sort of held by the tea party against some extraordinary positions that they have to take at a time when the paradigm has shifted. so i think the country is recognizing that the country -- gregg: looking at the larger picture, if we go into a double-dip recession, this president won't get anything that he wants on anything, and he he could go down in history as an awful president, right? >> a two of of term president who trounced the republicans in the november? absolutely not. he doesn't go down as an awful -- gregg: he didn't really trounce them in november. i mean, he actually pairly won. >> are barely? we'll go back to numbers, but that's another story. i think -- >> bush had two terms, too, basil, i don't think you probably think he was such a great president. [laughter] >> you're right, i don't. but the reality is i don't think he has egg on his face, he will not be screwed as a fail -- view ed as a failure. most people are willing to
should go over the fiscal cliff. congress and the senate should go back to the last legally passed budget and whatever money was appropriated, that is what we should appropriate for spending. if i didn't do my job for four years, i would have been fired. why are they able to keep getting paid? there should be something in the law that would say their benefits would stop. they should have their own pension fund. if their pension was the same as a people that work for, social security will not be going bankrupt. host: we will continue to track the work of congress. house and senate come back into session tomorrow. there could be sessions this weekend. the new congress comes in next week. we will have plenty of coverage as the new congress comes into session. we're still hearing about the change in filibuster rules in the senate. we will be there to cover it all. the house is here on c-span. we will be interviewing some retiring members of congress tonight. they are dan burton and kent conrad. here is what they had to say. [video clip] >> i would like people to think that he believed in hone
in sustaining these kinds of conflicts. this is why legislation passed her by the congress has been useful in putting a check and a control over what u.s. companies can buy in places like the democratic republic of the congo. >> the gentleman's time has expired. if you can finish that out for the record, please. >> thank you, mr. chairman. good one of you tell me how much the united states of america is spending on the congo now, both military and nonmilitary aid? >> the total assistance package to the democratic republic of the congo is running approximately $480 million. that is the total package that includes both the military and economic and humanitarian assistance that we provide to the country. >> does united states of america have a national security interest in the congo? if so, what is it? >> who do have interests there. >> a national security interest? >> we have an interest in helping to do as much as we can to maintain the stability. that can have a direct impact on the united states. the largest single u.n. peacekeeping program in the world is in the democratic republic of th
. not that it's bad, but do you feel it's passed? >> i don't know that it's passed, but it's my history and a part of who i am. >> two marriages. >> you were in congress, weren't you? >> i don't like to talk about it. >> kind of like that. you know what i mean? i'm proud of it. i know what you mean and i think we can move on and at the same time embracing the past. >> there you go. >> you went to a lot of therapy? >> does anybody have a cigarette? i need one. >> give us your favorite larry story. the guy seems very relaxed and at peace with himself. >> my favorite larry story, how about your worst one? >> there so many. i met larry david on "saturday night live" believe it or not in the 80s. many years ago i was on "saturday night live" and he was there. my third year on snl. we bonded over the fact that we were both so entirely miserable on that. >> you had one sketch on in a full year. >> if that and it was cut between dress and air. we bonded over unhappiness approximate we will also remain happiness over it. >> seriously, i had my office that i had things i tape to the wall. a quote
to be agreement because the expectation, if something passes i will say this, if something manages to get through congress, it is going to require democratic and republican votes, so at some point, they all have to be talking and that still isn't happening at this point. >> briannna, thanks. seems like they should go to hawaii, sit on a beach and cool off. i guess you're coming back to d.c., thanks a lot. >> reporter: i am, thanks. >> that's the solution. that's the solution. >> could be. >>> nine minutes after the hour. other top stories we're learning more this morning about that sniper who killed two volunteer firefighters on christmas eve morning. according to police 62-year-old william spangler left behind a note "i still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood i can burn down and do what i like doing best, killing people." early monday morning spengel sent fire to his fire and began shooting at firefighters as they arrived on the scene. he killed himself after shooting four firefighters, killing two of them christmas eve. the town of webster, new york, is paying tribute to the
that. house republicans were unable to get enough of their members of congress to vote to keep tax rates low for income under $1 million. so they've been unable to put something on the floor, pass it, and establish a position beyond extending all rate which is a non-starter for president obama. so yes, republicans are going to get blamed. but the way they see it privately, their numbers are so low they really don't have much to lose. >> yeah, and that brings up a good point. when you look at boehner and how he's been acting throughout this whole process, i really think that he's known to a certain extent that he's had a weak hand. but i feel like the republicans feel at this point they have really nothing do. they can just put it in the lap of the democrats and say, you know, you figure it out. >> i think that's right. and i think their talking point now is that it's up -- up to the senate to act. house republicans have passed a bill. they passed a bill to extend all tax rates. that bill is a non-starter. everybody knows that. so now the senate is going to come back in this week. w
something, they've still got to sell this to the individual members of congress, not just on the senate side but also these house republicans who have shown a willingness to sometimes take things to the very edge. >> mr. boehner was not able to pass through or bring to the floor his proposal on plan b which would have allowed tax rates to stay where they were except on the million dollar plus earners. is his speakership in the balance here in any sense? >> in some ways, not bringing stuff to the floor is actually better for him with his own members. they don't want to take votes that they see as purely -- as purely sort of signals. they don't want to vote to raise taxes if they're not actually going to be moving that package forward, if they're going to vote to raise taxes or at least let tax rates expire on the upper end, they only want to do that once. that's not something they want to keep doing. certainly if speaker boehner puts something on the floor that his republican conference is not happy with, that's a risk that he's taking. >> has the president moved much on spending? because we
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